​​​​​​​​NICK HOWREY 

Original Music 

  • Spinning Wrong3:59

From The Velvet Note Aug 22nd, 2017

Cover Videos 

  • Redemption Song Live At Charlton's3:51
  • The Long And Winding Road Live At Charlton's2:33
  • Simple Man Live At Charlton's3:57
  • Wonderwall Live At Charlton's3:54
  • I'm On Fire Live At Charlton's2:53
  • Melissa Live At Charlton's3:56
  • Live Forever Live At Charlton's3:41
  • Wish You Were Here Live At Charlton's3:37
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps Live At Charlton's4:20
  • All Along The Watchtower Live At Charlton's3:01

Wallflower Ep 


All of the tracks you hear are the best selected takes to come out of my basement. In other words every song is raw and straight through. Me and my guitar. Post production occurred in Garageband, which I'm a novice at.   However, I think I managed to come out with a decent sound quality.  Hopefully you'll recognize this musics diversity both lyrically and musically as I write, not by genre, but by what inspiration I have or what mood I'm in. The point of this release is to try and gain as much exposure to as many people as possible, with the hopes of coming across someone who can enable me to record, produce, and market this music professionally. If you're that person or have any sort of feedback please reach out to me. If you've listened to these tracks or even just read this, then I thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Your support and feedback mean the world to me. 
Ps. The music is already done for Pt. 2 of this Ep. Just need to work on recording it!

  • I Live In My Dreams 3:16
  • Dim Light Of Truth 4:45
  • Feel like Flying 3:13
  • You Are Like A Thousand Flowers2:55
  • There's No One That I Love More Than You 4:24
  • Even A Happy Man 5:24
  • New Day New World 3:19

Live From Charlton's

  • Fake Plastic Trees4:34

  • Wallflower 4:55
  • You've Got To Love Her 4:03
  • High In your House 3:38
  • Sweet Maybelle 3:22
  • Splintered Sunlight 3:59
  • Show up To My Window 3:31
  • I'll Be Alright 2:49
  • Last Days Of Summer 3:48